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Call NSC at 888-541-3997, Fax, Email or U.S. Mail the NSC Club-24 Application Below.  Why?  Big Health Savings are Yours including:

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  • FREE Shipping and Handling (S/H) with No Limit on NSC Club-24 IMMUNITION Products shipped monthly!

  • NSC Package Specials prior to expiration can be included in NSC Club purchases, but are not subject to additional discounts, do not receive free shipping and handling and are subject to cancellation at any time by NSC

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  • Receive a FREE Bottle of an NSC IMMUNITION Product After your First NSC Club-24 Product order - A NSC Club-24  Bonus Value!  (NSC reserves the right to select various NSC IMMUNITION Products as the NSC Club-24 Bonus Bottle)

  • Switch, Add or Subtract the NSC IMMUNITION Products You Choose each Month as your Club-24 selection with proper notice (A minimum of one NSC IMMUNITION Product purchase is required monthly during NSC Club-24 membership)













Read an important Health Treatment Notice about personal health issues.

Information and statements regarding dietary supplements or other products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any disease.

What is the NSC Club-24 for IMMUNITION Products?

NSC Club-24 has no membership fees and is designed to nutritionally contribute to those seeking to normalize  their health by regularly using NSCís IMMUNITION products, together with big discounts with free shipping and handling.

How will NSC Club-24 Save Me Time and Money?

NSC Club-24 saves its members time and money by automatically billing and shipping a pre-approved NSC product as their NSC Club-24 product selection each month at a 24% discount with ZERO shipping and handling fees.

Select the NSC product and quantity you would like to have sent to you on a monthly basis, changes to your NSC Club-24 selection can be made by calling at least 3 days prior to your processing date. Your credit or debit card will be charged each month on the1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th or 25th; or the nearest business day, and your order will be shipped the following business day.  (Sorry, no checks or money orders accepted for Club-24 purchases. NSC Catalog unexpired specials and sales packages can be included in a Club order with additional shipping and handling, but cannot be shipped after the special expiration).

The initial membership agreement is for 6 months in which at least one NSC supplement is sent to you each month, once youíve fulfilled the agreement we will continue to send monthly shipments until you notify us otherwise.  Again, there is no charge for membership and the only requirement is a purchase of at least one NSC IMMUNITION Product (at 24% off PLUS Free shipping and handling!*) per month for 6 consecutive months.

**NSC Package and/or NSC Catalog Specials can be included in auto-ship purchases, but are not subject to additional discounts, do not receive free shipping and handling and are subject to cancellation at any time by NSC or the expiration date of the NSC Package or Catalog specials.

How do I become a Member of NSC Club-24?

To become a member complete the application and return it to


317 Industrial Circle, Liberty, TX 77575


Fax to 1-800-671-3144

Want More Information?  Call Toll-Free to 888-541-3997 for a NSC Club-24 Representative to Answer Your Questions

CLUB NSC-24 IMMUNITION Product Savings!  

Increase Savings and Good Health by Requesting and Receiving Multiple CLUB NSC-24 Products Monthly!

NSC IMMUNITION Product Retail Price Retail Shipping Handling Retail Price Plus S/H NSC Club-24 Discount Price at 24% off Retail NSC Club-24 Shipping / Handling (S/H) Total NSC Club-24 Discount including FREE S/H One Month NSC Club-24 Savings per Bottle One Year NSC Club-24 Savings per Bottle if 12 Purchased
NSC 100-30 Ct $69.95 $7.95 $77.90 $53.16 $0.00 32% $24.74 $296.86
NSC 100-60 Ct $94.95 $7.95 $102.90 $72.16 $0.00 30% $30.74 $368.86
NSC-24 Orig-30 Ct $19.95 $7.95 $27.90 $15.16 $0.00 46% $12.74 $152.86
NSC-24 Orig-60 Ct $34.95 $7.95 $42.90 $26.56 $0.00 38% $16.34 $196.06
Allergy-60 Ct $39.95 $7.95 $47.90 $30.36 $0.00 37% $17.54 $210.46
Caprylic Acid-60 Ct $34.95 $7.95 $42.90 $26.56 $0.00 38% $16.34 $196.06
Circulatory-180 Ct $59.95 $7.95 $67.90 $45.56 $0.00 33% $22.34 $268.06
CoQ-10-60 Ct $64.95 $7.95 $72.90 $49.36 $0.00 32% $23.54 $282.46
EyeCare-30 Ct $24.95 $7.95 $32.90 $18.96 $0.00 42% $13.94 $167.26
Gold Vitamin-60 Ct $19.95 $7.95 $27.90 $15.16 $0.00 46% $12.74 $152.86
ImmuCleanse-180 Ct $69.95 $7.95 $77.90 $53.16 $0.00 32% $24.74 $296.86
Immune Plus-60 Ct $49.95 $7.95 $57.90 $37.96 $0.00 34% $19.94 $239.26
ImmuSkin - 2 oz $39.95 $7.95 $47.90 $30.36 $0.00 37% $17.54 $210.46
ImmZyme-200 Ct $39.95 $7.95 $47.90 $30.36 $0.00 37% $17.54 $210.46
Joint & Tissue-180 Ct $59.95 $7.95 $67.90 $45.56 $0.00 33% $22.34 $268.06
Milk Thistle-180 Ct $59.95 $7.95 $67.90 $45.56 $0.00 33% $22.34 $268.06
NSC Pro Probiotic-60 Ct $34.95 $7.95 $42.90 $26.56 $0.00 38% $16.34 $196.06
Prostate-120 Ct $44.95 $7.95 $52.90 $34.16 $0.00 35% $18.74 $224.86
Respiratory-60 Ct $39.95 $7.95 $47.90 $30.36 $0.00 37% $17.54 $210.46
Stress-180 Ct $39.95 $7.95 $47.90 $30.36 $0.00 37% $17.54 $210.46
SuperZyme-180 Ct $39.95 $7.95 $47.90 $30.36 $0.00 37% $17.54 $210.46

S/H is Shipping and Handling (includes postage).  NSC Package and/or NSC Catalog Specials, if included in Club purchases, are charged S/H.

One Year Club Savings based on Club Member receiving 12 bottles or jars; or 1 per month. Save even more by ordering more than 1 bottle monthly!

ImmZymes are Oral Systemic Proteolytic Enzymes while SuperZymes are Digestive Enzymes - see product health notices on individual product pages.

Information and statements regarding dietary supplements or other products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any disease.

Check out Your NSC Club-24 Prices and the Huge Savings for a 1 Year Free Membership

To email the application, send to nsc24@nsc24.com. Place the mouse at beginning of the NSC Club-24 Membership Application below. Click on the left mouse button and hold it down until the end of the Membership Application and Membership Agreement. 

Release the left mouse button and Click on the right mouse button. Release the right mouse button and click on "copy".  In the open email form in the subject line type in "Club" and then click the right mouse button below the subject line on the email form. Then click the left mouse button on "paste."  The form will be pasted into the open email form.  Press "send."   Be sure to type your name on the email after pasting the Membership Application and Membership Agreement.  For any questions or further assistance, call 888-541-3997.



Phone # (           ) _________ - _______________ Name:___________________________________

Shipping Address:

Street __________________________________________________

City _____________________________________ 

State, Zip ________________________________

Email: ___________________________________



Club     Price
























Shipping - U. S. Mail   






I am joining the NSC Club-24 for 6 months, after this period it is my responsibility to notify you if I wish to cancel or shipments of my selected NSC IMMUNITION Product(s) will continue each month.  Please process my order monthly on the date selected using the credit/debit card provided (sorry, no checks or money orders accepted) at 24% off retail pricing for the NSC IMMUNITION Product(s) selected as my Club-24 selection(s), with zero shipping/handling fees on NSC Club-24 orders* while I am a member of the NSC Club-24. 

I understand additional orders of NSC IMMUNITION Products can be placed throughout the month at 24% off plus applicable shipping and handling (S/H).  NSC Package or NSC Catalog Specials prior to expiration can be included in auto-ship purchases, but are not subject to additional discounts, do not receive free S/H and are subject to cancellation at any time by NSC. I may call 888-541-3997 toll-free to change the quantity or type of NSC IMMUNITION Product shipped each month.  I understand I must have an order of a NSC IMMUNITION Product or Products processed each month on the selected date  (or nearest business day) while I am a NSC Club-24 member. 

If I cancel before fulfilling the 6 month NSC Club-24 Agreement, I will be ineligible to re-join the NSC Club-24 at a later date except by approval of NSC and will be charged full price for any NSC IMMUNITION Product previously given for promotional purposes in association with my joining the NSC Club-24.  A bottle of an NSC IMMUNITION Product selected by NSC will be forwarded FREE after the first Club Order and payment, as a Club Member Bonus, subject to fulfillment of the 6 month membership.

Process my order each month on one of the following Club Days: 1st______; 5th ______;10th ______ 15th______; 20th______; or 25th______  beginning _____________________________  (indicate month and year) or the nearest business day if the chosen Club Day falls on a weekend or holiday and ship my Club Day order by priority mail at no shipping and postage charge. 

Accepted and Agreed this date:

Date_____________________         Card Type:  ____Amex  ____Visa   ____M/C  ____Discover    

Credit/Debit Card # _____________________________________    


CID / CVV / CardID:_______________________________________  (located over the signature line on back of card - last 3 digits Visa/MD/Discover, or 4 digits located on front upper right of the American Express Card above AE Card number)


(Remember on Email submissions to type in your name after copying to the email form - All lines must be completed)

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Nutritional Scientific Corporation

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Internet: nsc24@nsc24.com

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Information and statements regarding dietary supplements or other products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any disease.

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