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I am joining the NSC Club-24 for a minimum 6 months, after this period it is my responsibility to notify you if I wish to cancel or shipments of my selected NSC IMMUNITION Product(s) will continue each month. Please process my order monthly on the date selected using the credit/debit card provided (sorry, no checks or money orders accepted) at 24% off retail pricing for the NSC IMMUNITION Product(s) selected as my Club-24 selection(s), with zero shipping/handling fees on NSC Club-24 orders* while I am a member of the NSC Club-24.

I understand additional orders of NSC IMMUNITION Products can be placed throughout the month at 24% off plus applicable shipping and handling (S/H). NSC Package or NSC Catalog Specials prior to expiration can be included in auto-ship purchases, but are not subject to additional discounts, do not receive free S/H and are subject to cancellation at any time by NSC. I may call 888-541-3997 toll-free to change the quantity or type of NSC IMMUNITION Product shipped each month. I understand I must have an order of a NSC IMMUNITION Product or Products processed each month on the selected date (or nearest business day) while I am a NSC Club-24 member.

If I cancel before fulfilling the 6 month NSC Club-24 Agreement, I will be ineligible to re-join the NSC Club-24 at a later date except by approval of NSC and will be charged full price for any NSC IMMUNITION Product previously given for promotional purposes in association with my joining the NSC Club-24. A bottle of an NSC IMMUNITION Product selected by NSC will be forwarded FREE after the first Club Order and payment, as a Club Member Bonus, subject to fulfillment of the minimum 6 month membership.

By checking here I am authorizing this order.

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