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ACAM - American College for Advancement of Medicine - An excellent doctor search engine by zip code within 5 miles (50 or 100 mile search recommended) for integrative health professionals.  ACAM is a not-for-profit association dedicated to educating physicians and other health professionals on the latest findings and emerging procedures in complementary, alternative and integrative (CAIM) medicine.

Alternative Medicine - ALT Website with excellent info on Alternative Medicine

American Society on Aging- The ASA mission is to increase the skills and support the careers of professionals who directly and indirectly serve and support older adults

Beta Glucan Products - How Do They Compare?- An IMMUNITION Report by Frank M. Jordan

Beta Glucan Research by Condition, Function and Disease - A Unique Non-commercial Research site for Beta glucan by the Beta Glucan Research Organization

Cancer, the Immune System and Beta Glucan - an IMMUNITION Report

CDC - Center for Disease Control & Prevention (Tel: 404-639-3311404-639-3311)

Cells Alive! - Incredible Photography of Cells and Other Microbiology Subjects

Cholesterol - The Good, the Bad and the Evil - an IMMUNITION Report

Colds and Flu - What to Do - an IMMUNITION Report

Commentaries - Frank Jordan - Broadcast nationally at 4:26 pm on Ch 131, Sirius/XM each Weekday or listen to more than 100 by clicking on Commentaries

Diabetes - American Diabetes Site with information, articles, tests and recipes

Doctor's Questions - What You need to ask your Doctor to have complete Information on Your Situation

Drug Watch - Learn about the drugs in our lives and the diseases they seek to cure or control

Family Physicians - Health Info from the American Academy of Family Physicians - English & Spanish Med Dictionaries

Frank Jordan Commentaries -  More than 175 audio commentaries on health and spiritual matters by Frank Jordan heard on Sirius/XM Ch 131 weekdays at 4:26pm EST

Eye Care - IMMUNITION Report by Frank Jordan on Cataracts and Macular Degeneration with natural aids

Google Search Engine - About the best search engine on the web - U.S. Government Website for information and sign-up for the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare)

Health Statistics - The Official CDC Statistics from the Nat'l Center for Health Statistics - Searchable Index

Health Inspiration Ministry - Frank and Connie Jordan health ministry with Bible references to "health" indexed and commentary by Frank Jordan on spiritual matters involving health and more.

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise - Coast to Coast Health Commentaries each Weekday by Frank Jordan on Sirius/XM Ch 131 at 4:26 pm EST, 1:26 pm PCT

Heart - Incredible Photos plus Tutorial with good links. Click on words of choice when the site comes up

History of Beta Glucan Research - An enlightening review of 60+ years of Beta Glucan research and Scientific break-throughs, including 2002, from the Beta Glucan Research Organization!

How Stuff Works! - Another must site for the curious seeking to know!

Homeopathy - Questions and references make this an educational site

Homeopathy 2 - More Information on Homeopathy and Homeopathic remedies

Hope Inspiration Ministry - Frank and Connie Jordan health ministry with Bible references to "health" indexed and commentary by Frank Jordan on spiritual matters involving health and more.

Human Anatomy - Interactive views of the human body with more than 100 illustrations

Immune System-U of Hartford - Another Informative Site on the Immune Response

Immunition Reports - 30+ reports written or edited by Frank Jordan on various health subjects

InteliHealth - Aetna and Harvard Medical School sponsored Medical Information and News

Letters in Applied Microbiology - Oct 2002 Article by K.W. Hunter, Jr., et al, on Nonaggregated, Microparticulate Beta Glucan (MG Beta Glucan) in peer-reviewed scientific periodical.

Kids Health - Sections for Parents, Teens and Children by the Nemours Foundation - Includes Nutrition

Know the Cause TV Show - Doug Kaufmann's Nationally televised health show with frequent interviews with Frank Jordan

Medical Errors - Medical mistakes death data in U.S. Hospitals

Medicare - Official Government Site on Medicare and Related Health Matters

MedlinePLus - Medical Dictionaries and Encyclopedia, Drug Information, Condition Reports and More - National Library of Medicine. Tax dollars well spent!

Mesothelioma Support -  Support group with guidance and information on Mesothelioma cancer.

Mold and Fungus - an IMMUNITION Report

National Center for Biotechnology Information - For those who want to know more!


PubMed - Periodical and Research Articles and Publications Search Site

Research with Quotes on Beta Glucan - Sorted by Health Condition for Easier Review -Information for Your Primary Healthcare Provider by Disease - 60 years of Research!

Samples - FREE - NSC-24 Product Samples (products will vary) Schedule - Can't beat the price and the information is invaluable!

Web MD - Information from the Allopathic (MD) Physician Perspective

World Health Organization (WHO) - Worldwide health information and bulletins on breaking health events

World Health Organization - Africa - News on the Ebola Virus and other African health concerns

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