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NSC Immunition ImmuCleanse w/MG Beta Glucan!

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NSC Immunition ImmuCleanse - 180 Count Capsules w/ 2 mg per serving of MG Beta Glucan & More. A Colon and Digestive Detox and Cleanse Formula with 27 ingredients including MG Beta Glucan, Aloe Cape, Black Walnut, Wormwood, Garlic, Pacific Kelp, Pumpkin, Ginger, Oregano, Peppermint, Fennel and much more to help nutritionally aid the body in resolution of parasites, including different forms of worms and fungi that create intestinal, colon and digestive health issues.

Watch Frank Jordan's YouTube commentary on NSC ImmuCleanse here:

Cleanse Your Digestive Tract and Much More with Enhanced Energy!

NSC ImmuCleanse taken orally helps to nutritionally assist the body in resolution of parasites including different forms of worms and fungi that create intestinal and a multitude of additional health issues.  You don't need 10 more bottles on your cabinet for an effective cleanse; just try ImmuCleanse with a balanced detox program - all in one bottle.

Liver, gall bladder and stomach aids are present too for assistance in management of gas and bloating (carminative), flatulence and parasitic intestinal worm expulsion (anthelmintic). ImmuCleanse ingredients contribute to Constipation resolution while reducing cramping and acting as a bacterial antiseptic. ImmuCleanse assist for many to nutritionally lower blood sugar naturally while helping to correct bile flow plus increasing appetite and metabolism while aiding in malabsorption issues. 

This unique product also provides organic iodine while combating infections and even a mild and safe homeopathic laxative in the presence of butternut. 

ImmuCleanse is a unique and potent formula to help cleanse, detox and fight fungus in the body nutritionally in one bottle.  For a complete detox and cleanse program, combine with the NSC Pro Probiotic, NSC IMMUNITION Milk Thistle and MG Beta Glucan in the NSC-24 Original or NSC-100 Extra Strength Glucan.

 Listen to Frank Jordan's Commentaries on Cleansing by clicking on CleansingBodyPollution.mp3, Parasites.mp3, ColorectalCancers.mp3, and ImmuCleanse.mp3

Aloe Cape - a Major Ingredient in NSC Immunition ImmuCleanse

Aloe Cape leaf has the properties of fiber, but soothes and cleans like aloe vera while nutritionally aiding in relief of inflammation without causing irritation. The plant Aloe Cape (some refer to Cape Aloe or Aloe Ferox) grows in South Africa and has more laxative qualities with safer processing without chemicals or pesticides than the U.S. aloe vera that grows wild in the southwest United States. Aloe Cape also contains more vitamins, minerals and amino acids than the American aloe vera plant.

Aloe Cape is non-toxic and has no undesirable side effects while acting as a cleansing and detoxifying agent for the digestive tract, including the cecum, a pouch connected to the ascending colon of the large intestine and the ileum. Laboratory experiments have shown that aloe gel from Aloe Cape stimulates the growth of lymphocytes or the white immune B cells, NK cells and T-cells, which are important blood cells in the immune system.

Additionally, Aloe Cape stimulates fibroblastic cells in skin and connective tissues, thus nutritionally aiding in tissue regeneration in wound recovery and maintaining soft and pliable versus thin and brittle skin.

The leaves from Aloe Cape plants from South Africa are harvested from the natural environment and are not tainted by being treated with pesticides, fungicides or fertilizers. The lack of exposure to pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers eliminates the further need for washing with hazardous detergents or other chemical agents prior to being processed, as is the practice with almost all U.S. aloe vera plants.

Transit time of digestive materials in the digestive process in the gut is speeded up by Aloe Cape; an excellent cleansing characteristic and especially while on a fast or for liver detoxification.  Aloe Cape also assist in support of beneficial bowel bacteria by removing damaging toxic poisons from the digestive tract and is recommended in a cleanse program to be taken with a beneficial probiotic, particularly to offset the killing of beneficial bacteria by usage of antibiotics. 

Infrequently, mucus in the stool or a foul stool odor may temporarily occur after taking Aloe Cape, but this is not cause for alarm and is the result of Aloe Cape working as a beneficial cleansing agent. The colon needs flushing with ample water, in some cases an enema, colema, or colonic; to assist in processing the large amount of matter moving down and out of the digestive system and body.

Aloe Cape can be taken with meals, where it helps act as a mild laxative with other properties previously described.  (6/24/14 revision by FJ)

As with all dietary supplements, consult a physician before using.

Information and statements regarding dietary supplements or other products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any disease.



Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, Adults take 2 capsules with each large meal


(up to 6 capsules per day) with an 8 oz. glass of water

Serving Size: 2 hard gelatin capsules

Servings per Container: 90  



Amount per Serving

% Daily Value

ImmuCleanse Ingredient Nutritional Benefits

Cape Aloe

240 mg


Cleansing agent removes toxic poisons; speeds transit time; Fiber properties & anti-inflammatory.

**Black Walnut (Hull)

186 mg


Oxygenates to kill parasites & fungus; antiseptic, germicide & laxative; balances blood sugar.


140 mg


Aids liver, gall bladder and stomach with cramp relief; expels intestinal worms; increases digestive enzymes.

Garlic (8,000 ppm Allicin)

74 mg


Antifungal; Antiviral; Antibiotic; antihistamine; anticoagulant for blood clotting, reduce blood pressure; immune aid.

Grape Fruit 4:1 Extract

66 mg


Flavones to naturally fight fungus & infection, parasites & viruses in intestines. Increases appetite; alleviate constipation.

Gentian (root)

 56 mg


Herb to soothe diarrhea and minor digestive pains. Stimulates enzyme production through increased saliva production.

Pacific Kelp (leaf)(macrosystis pyrifera)

52 mg


Nutrient source while aiding heavy metal elimination. Good source of organic iodine and improves digestion.

Butternut (bark)

 52 mg


Mild and safe homeopathic laxative; expels worms and parasites in digestive tract; increases appetite and metabolism.

Clove (buds)

44 mg


Helps nutritionally to eliminate parasites and worms in intestinal tract while promoting good digestion.

Myrrh (resin)

44 mg


Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, astringent, cleaning agent, worm removal, soothing agent, antispasmodic.

Barberry (root)

36 mg


Diarrhea; relieve stomach upset; berberine alkaloids to combat infection & bacteria. Aids in correcting bile flow and liver function.

Bitter Melon (fruit)(momordica charantia)

 36 mg


Lowers blood sugar dramatically, antiviral, inhibits enzyme involved in psoriasis. Nutritionally beneficial for dry coughs, bronchitis.

Fennel (seed)

36 mg


Antifungal that relieves gas, stomachache and indigestion. Eases stomach spasms and colic.

Ginger (root)

36 mg


Nutritionally aids in relief from nausea, abdominal bloating; vomiting; diarrhea and rheumatism. Anti-microbial & anti-oxidant.


 36 mg


Anti-inflammatory natural antibiotic. Suggested for chronic gas, indigestion and malabsorption issues.

Long Pepper (fruit) (Piper Longum)

36 mg


Aids in indigestion, constipation, abdominal pain and digestive parasites. Also a decongestant and expectorant for mucus.

Oregano (leaf)

36 mg


Anti-fungal, antiseptic. Aids in diarrhea, bloating and urinary tract issues as well as vomiting and jaundice.

Blue Vervain (flower)

28 mg


Aids in bladder and gallstones issues and gentle laxative. Used to expel worms and toxins from digestive tract

Couch Grass (root)(Apropyron repens)

 28 mg


Antibiotic for fungus & bacteria. Urinary tract aid for colon cleansing, liver obstruction plus detox for gallbladder and spleen

Peppermint (leaf)

 28 mg


Relieves digestive spasms and gas; sedative. Strengthens bowels. Aids in easing stomach pains, bloating and flatulence.

Pumpkin (seed)

 28 mg


Expels tape worm and roundworm parasites. Eases hemorrhoid discomfort and mild laxative with high fiber content.

Thyme (leaf)

28 mg


Antiseptic, antibacterial, diuretic that kills worms - tape, round and hook.  Nutritionally reduces muscle spasms.

Cayenne Pepper (fruit)

 14 mg


Digestive aid that reduces cramps and gas. Bacterial antiseptic. Helps normalize blood pressure and food assimilation.

Licorice (root)

14 mg


Creates a soothing coating in digestive-urinary tract. Liver inflammation; antiviral; energy booster; aids in stomach ulcers.

Plum (fruit) (Prunus domestica)

14 mg


Stool softening and toxin elimination. Mild laxative. Aids with mouth ulcers and digestive issues.

Beta-1,3/1,6-Glucan (saccharomyces cerevisiae)

 2 mg

*microparticulate extract from bakers yeast cell wall

Nutritionally helps normalize the immune response to promote phagocytosis (ingestion and removal) of cellular debris and toxins

* % Daily Value not established  * Do not take if hypoglycemic due to Bitter Melon and check with health care provider if pregnant or lactating before usage.

**ALLERGEN WARNING:  Product contains tree nuts and/or their derivatives.

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease. If pregnant or lactating, consult a physician before using.

IMMUNITION NSC ImmuCleanse with MG Glucan - Nutritional Benefits

  •  Nutritionally aid parasite and parasitic worm cleansing including removal from the body

  •  Nutritionally contributes to bodies fight back against fungus and mycotoxins

  •  Nutritionally aids in heavy metal elimination with needed enhanced iodine production

  •  Nutritionally acts as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, soothing agent with muscle spasm relief

  •  Energy booster that nutritionally aids in resolving constipation, gas and bloating issues

  •  Eases stomach cramps and pain while assisting the body in nausea and indigestion elimination

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