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Club Information

What is the NSC Club for IMMUNITION Products?

NSC Club has no membership fees and is designed to nutritionally contribute to those seeking to normalize  their health by regularly using NSC’s IMMUNITION products, together with big discounts with free shipping and handling.

How will NSC Club Save Me Time and Money?

NSC Club saves its members time and money by automatically billing and shipping a pre-approved NSC product as their NSC Club product selection each month at a 24% discount with ZERO shipping and handling fees (within the Continental US).

Select the NSC product and quantity you would like to have sent to you on a monthly basis, changes to your NSC Club selection can be made by calling at least 3 days prior to your processing date. Your credit or debit card will be charged each month on the1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th or 25th; or the nearest business day, and your order will be shipped the following business day.  (Sorry, no checks or money orders accepted for Club purchases. NSC Catalog unexpired specials and sales packages can be included in a Club order with additional shipping and handling, but cannot be shipped after the special expiration).

The initial membership agreement is for a minimum 6 months in which at least one NSC supplement is sent to you each month, once you’ve fulfilled the agreement we will continue to send monthly shipments until you notify us otherwise.  Again, there is no charge for membership and the only requirement is a purchase of at least one NSC IMMUNITION Product (at 24% off PLUS Free shipping and handling!*) per month for 6 consecutive months.

**NSC Package and/or NSC Catalog Specials can be included in auto-ship purchases, but are not subject to additional discounts, do not receive free shipping and handling and are subject to cancellation at any time by NSC or the expiration date of the NSC Package or Catalog specials.

How do I become a Member of the NSC Club?

To become a member complete the application and return it to:
317 Industrial Circle, Liberty, TX 77575
Fax to 1-800-671-3144

Want more information?  Call Toll-Free to 888-541-3997 for a NSC Club representative to answer your questions.