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NSC Doug's Duo - 2 Products at 1 great discount!

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Retail $134.90: Doug's Duo Package Price $64.95 or 51.9% Discount. You Save $69.95!

Doug's Duo is a potent 2 NSC Product package to nutritionally promote immune cell normalization and immune cell anti-fungal responses with enhanced fungi and mycotoxin recognition. Doug Kaufmann and Frank Jordan recommend this nutritional anti-fungal Duo with both the NSC-100 MG Beta Glucan Extra Strength 60 ct and NSC Caprylic Plus 90 ct, both potent anti-fungal products. Doug's Duo is a best selling NSC fungal duo for more than 2 decades with thousands of repeat NSC customers.

NSC has also developed a 3 NSC Product Package - The NSC Fungal Fighting Super Pack - comprised of NSC-100 30 ct, NSC Caprylic Plus and the NSC Pro Probiotic with 8 strains of potent probiotics to help maintain a high ratio of good to bad bacteria in the gut to help control fungus invasion - especially after antibiotics usage.

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