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NSC Fungus Pkg - 3 products at 1 great price!

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Retail $144.85 - NSC Fungus Fighting Package 31% Discount Price $99.95  You Save $44.90!

Nutritionally potentiate your immune cells to fight what seeks to harm your body with NSC-100 Extra Strength MG Beta Glucan - 30 ct.

Add NSC-PRO Probiotic 60 ct with 450 Billion CFU of good bacterium per bottle and 15 billion CFU per serving to replace the good bacteria in the gut often killed by antibiotics, mycotoxins, stress, and environmental toxins.

Join these two together with potent Immunition Caprylic Plus Formula, which has Caprylic Acid, Biotin, Magnesium, Oregano, Garlic, Olive Leaf, Cat's Claw and more to nutritionally fight fungi and mycotoxins in the body and what do you get -- the Fungus Fighter Super Pack!

For more details and discussion about fungus and mycotoxins go to the website NSC Fungus Fighting Package.  

Many also purchase Doug's Duo as a 2 product NSC Package comprised of NSC-100 60 ct plus NSC Caprylic Plus at a deep discount.  Thousands have purchased and continue to use Doug's Duo, now offered by NSC for more than 2 decades!

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