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Beta Glucan & Immune Response YouTube Videos featuring Beta Glucan and Health Expert, Frank Jordan

Plus Various Health & Related Subjects - 60+ HD Videos 3 minutes or less.

Frank Jordan Lab

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Travel Health Challenges

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 Your Free Sample of Beta Glucan with Free Shipping is Available Now. To Learn More Just Click on: "Free Sample" Listen 24/7 to Frank Jordan's Sirius/XM Health Commentaries Podcast online. Frank Jordan is Research Director of Nutritional Scientific Corporation (NSC) and a recognized Expert and U.S. Patent Co-Inventor on Beta Glucan and the Immune Response. Frank can be seen weekdays on Doug Kaufman's "Know the Cause" Show on National TV.

What is MG Beta Glucan in NSC 24 Original and NSC 100 Extra Strength? "What is MG Beta Glucan?"
Your Free Sample of Beta Glucan with Free Shipping is Available Now. To Learn More Just Click on: "Free Sample" 
The Immune Response and MG Beta Glucan: "Immune Response and B-Glucan
MG Beta Glucan: Ken Hunter, F Jordan, M Campbell & Doug Kaufmann discuss MG Glucan ability to be an What Causes Inflammation? What can You Do?.
Immune Response: Ken Hunter, F Jordan, M Campbell & Doug Kaufmann discuss MG Glucan and How to Energize Your Immune Response 
U.S. Medical School Research - MG Beta Glucan : K Hunter, Immunologist; F Jordan, Research Director M Campbell, Research Operations, D Kaufmann
Beta Glucan: Flu Shots and Colds.
Micronization of MG Beta Glucan: "Beta Glucan Micronization"

Why Choose NSC IMMUNITION Products? "Why Choose NSC IMMUNITION Products?"  
Savings with NSC - NSC Club and Deep Discount Combo Pkgs: "NSC-24 Club & Combo Pkgs"

How to Determine Beta Glucan Effectiveness: "Beta Glucan Effectiveness"  

Acute Respiratory Illnesses
Aging and MG Beta Glucan  
Allergies, MG Beta Glucan and NSC IMMUNITION Allergy Formula 
Beta Glucan Effectiveness
Beta Glucan and Immune Response
Beta Glucan - Inflammatory & Anti-Inflammatory
Beta Glucan Micronization
Beta Glucan - U.S. Medical School Research
Beta Glucan - What Is It?
Cancer Shell Game
Cancer War and Beta Glucan
Chemotherapy and Beta Glucan
Cholesterol and Beta Glucan
Christmas Health
Circulatory System

Circulation Health - Truckers, Commuters and Desk Folks
Common Colds
CoEnzyme Q10 and MG Beta Glucan
Diabetes II - Is Diabetes Incurable?
Digestive Issues & Digestive Enzymes  
Energy & Human Body
Energy & Multiple Vitamins   
Energy & Mitochondria 
Eye Care Challenges  
Eye Spots
Fall Health Challenges 
Flu/Influenza, the Immune System and Beta Glucan
Flu Season Challenges
Flu 2018 Follow UP if You Got the Flu!
Fungus and Beta Glucan  
Fungus Overgrowth and Probiotics 
High Blood Pressure 
Holyistic Health (Body, Mind and Spirit)  
Hospital Acquired Infections 
Immune Response and B-Glucan
Immune Response & Nutrient Supplement Enhancement
Inflammation  and oral proteolytic enzymes
Itching and Dry Skin    
Millennial Health
Mitochondria and Energy 
Mold and Flooding
Obesity and Disease  
Oral Proteolytic Enzymes & Inflammation  
Peace - Not from a Pill!  
Probiotics, Digestion and the Immune Response 
Prostate Issues 
Radiation and Beta Glucan  
Respiratory Challenges  
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD with Depression)  
Sick of Being Sick? What to Do
Smoke and Fires Dangers
Smoke Inhalation Diagnosis, Testing & Recovery
Solving Insurmountable Problems
Storms of Life
Sunburn and Melanoma
Travel Health Challenges
Trucker and Commuter Health 
Vitamins and Aging
Vitamins and Minerals - Multiple 
Weather Health Hazards 

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Why Choose NSC IMMUNITION Products?

Frank Jordan' YouTube Videos are scripted, directed and voiced by Frank Jordan, Research Director of Nutritional Scientific Corporation
Producer, Editor & Videographer: Tonya Smikal
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Note: Frank Jordan is a Research Director, not a medical doctor. For personal medical diagnosis and advise, see your personal health care provider.
These Statements and Videos have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. The products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat or prevent any disease.